How to Make Your Own Sparkling Water (2021)

Sorry, Perrier: Anyone who has washed down a taco al pastor knows that Topo Chico is the king of the sparkling waters. Unfortunately, thanks to thick glass bottles and shipping fees from Mexico, this slick, bubbly masterpiece is much...

The 17 Best Weekend Deals: Laptops, Home Goods, Hair Tools 

We hope you're enjoying what's left of summer. But as heat waves continue to rage across the country, you may be stuck inside with the AC cranked. (Read our guide on how to stay cool if you don't have...

iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBooks Are on Sale Right Now

Almost every autumn, Apple reveals a slew of new hardware. It's perfectly aligned with the back-to-school season, which also means that older gadgets get a discount. If you need the latest and greatest, then wait for Apple's September event....

The FDA OKs an Extra Covid Vaccine Dose for Immune-Impaired People

Today, the committee voted to approve the third dose for people in “moderate to severe immune compromise.” That includes anyone who received an organ transplant and is taking anti-rejection drugs; is undergoing treatment for cancers in various organs, or...

What Airbnb’s Summer Boost Reveals About Covid-19 Recovery

Few tech companies were rocked harder by the pandemic than Airbnb. In the spring of 2020, a crush of trip cancellations caused the company’s revenue to drop by 67 percent. By May, it had laid off a quarter of...

Cases Among Kids, New Mandates, and More Coronavirus News

Cases rise among kids, new mask and vaccine mandates go into effect, and the FDA authorizes booster shots for some. Here’s what you should know:Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here!HeadlinesSchools prepare for...

Augmented Reality Is Coming for Your Ears, Too

Sharing your earbuds with somebody is, in every important aspect, gross. There must be a compelling reason to want to wedge another person’s waxy nub into your external auditory meatus. Such as love, or an unbearably long flight with...

Time Travelers Should Be a Lot More Worried About Viruses

Michael Moorcock’s classic 1969 novel Behold the Man is about a character named Karl Glogauer who travels back in time to witness the crucifixion. Historian Richard Carrier says that the novel presents a fairly accurate portrait of first-century Judea. “...

OpenAI’s Codex Makes Coding As Easy As Talking to a Smart Speaker

Plus: The early days of programming, an existential investigation, and bipartisanship before our very eyes.

The Physics of Johnny Knoxville, Human Cannonball

The important thing is that this is the equation of a parabola. Looking back at the vertical position data from the video, it at least seems fairly parabolic. Even better, the coefficient in front of the t2 term should...
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Ultime Notizie

Il museo MarTa di Taranto chiude per carenza di personale: lo stop domenica 3 luglio in alluvione stagione turistica. “Impossibile andare avanti così”

La protesta legata ai numeri: "Su 85 unità totali, ne sono presenti 38; in particolare, a volto di 42 assistenti ed operatori di vigilanza necessari, ce ne sono 21. pertanto è insostenibile"
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