The End of Infinite Data Storage Can Set You Free

In early January, Google sent an email notifying me that I’d used up 76 percent of my account’s free storage space—the 15 gigabytes shared across Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. I had been vaguely aware that a storage...

5 Extensions That Level Up Your Email Game

Considering how often we all send email, and how stuffed our collective inboxes are, you probably already know it's critical to make sure you don’t miss important messages or let them linger too long without responding. Luckily, there are...

What Is Google Workspace Individual, and How Does It Work?

These templates let you quickly send a professional-looking email newsletter, all from within Gmail.Google via Justin PotYou can customize the background color, add a custom footer, and add social media links (you can’t change much else, though). There’s also...
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Ucraina, ultime notizie. Usa sequestrano 1 miliardo di dollari a oligarca russo

L’Aiea ha perso di nuovo il unitamentetatto unitamente la centrale nucleare di Zaporizhzhya. Nato: guerra potrebbe durare fino al 2023. Putin: nel caso che la Nato invierà truppe in Finlandia e Svezia risponderemo
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