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The Amazon Warehouse Walkout Is Just the Latest Push

In the predawn hours of Wednesday morning, workers at three Amazon warehouses walked off the job. More than 60 employees at two delivery stations in Queens, New York, and one in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC coordinated the...

Inside Big Tech’s Race to Patent Everything

In 2020, three coworkers and I threw together a three-page outline of a patent idea, rife with typos, and turned it over to our big tech employer. In exchange, we each got a $700 bonus. The proposal took maybe...

TV Struggles to Put Silicon Valley on the Screen

The first scene in the new Apple TV+ series WeCrashed perfectly sets up the saga that is about to unfold: WeWork’s board of directors has just voted to remove its founder, Adam Neumann, from the company. Neumann, meanwhile, has...

Can an Online Course Help Big Tech Find Its Soul?

The new course is meant, in part, to answer that question, speaking directly to rehabilitated techies like Read. It contains eight modules and is intended to take about eight hours total, plus additional time spent on worksheets, reflection exercises,...

The Problem With Big Tech’s Wartime Push Against Putin

Plus: Silicon Valley’s response to Snowden, stories that shift reality, and a culmination of catastrophes.

Today’s Startups Are Flush With Cash—and Watching Every Penny

Liz Giorgi expected she would raise more money for her startup, Soona, in April. But when she saw how much money was sloshing around the startup world, she decided to go for it sooner. Giorgi started meeting with venture...

‘Disruption’ Is a Two-Way Street

Big Tech as we know it was built on the ethos of subverting sanctity. Ideas, institutions, service delivery, how I make my chai—nothing could be beyond the reach of technological disruption. In this vision, the tech company was the...

Sex Tech’s False Promises

There’s more to sex than the physical engineering—which is why technology alone can't solve all the problems it claims to.

Latino Founders Have a Hard Time Raising Money From VCs

A few years ago, Rocío van Nierop visited the tech accelerator Y Combinator. Nierop is the cofounder and executive director of the advocacy group Latinas in Tech. As she walked through the building, she passed by photo after photo...

Everyone Wants to Be an Entrepreneur

Applications for new businesses rose 20 percent last year, after languishing for a decade. Many newly minted founders attribute it to the pandemic.
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Ucraina, ultime notizie. Usa sequestrano 1 miliardo di dollari a oligarca russo

L’Aiea ha perso di nuovo il unitamentetatto unitamente la centrale nucleare di Zaporizhzhya. Nato: guerra potrebbe durare fino al 2023. Putin: nel caso che la Nato invierà truppe in Finlandia e Svezia risponderemo
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