TV Struggles to Put Silicon Valley on the Screen

The first scene in the new Apple TV+ series WeCrashed perfectly sets up the saga that is about to unfold: WeWork’s board of directors has just voted to remove its founder, Adam Neumann, from the company. Neumann, meanwhile, has...

Put the System That Enabled Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes on Trial

Plus: Patents for the early internet, the value of virtual goods, and a traffic jam for the ages.

The Holmes Verdict and the Legal Loophole for ‘Disruption’

Convicting a corporate officer like Holmes of a crime against the public is filled with hurdles, particularly the need to prove intent, says Jacob T. Elberg, an associate professor of law at Seton Hall who used to prosecute health-care...

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Is Convicted on 4 Counts

For three years, Elizabeth Holmes has faced the court of public opinion, as countless books, articles, documentaries, and TV shows have squeezed every last drop out of the saga of the blood-testing startup Theranos. Now, an actual court has...

Elizabeth Holmes Speaks for Herself

Who is actually to blame for the spectacular downfall of the blood-testing startup Theranos? Is it Elizabeth Holmes, the girl boss founder who faces 11 counts of wire fraud for allegedly misleading investors? Or is it the company’s employees...

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Is on Trial. Silicon Valley Is Watching

If you need convincing that Elizabeth Holmes is a person with feelings, and not a villain out for blood, just look through her text messages. “You are breeze in desert for me,” she sent Ramesh Balwani, her business partner...
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