The War in Ukraine Is Threatening the World’s Wheat Supply

The relentless shelling of Ukraine is obscuring a shadow crisis created by the war: long-term damage to the global food system that seems likely to increase hunger, disrupt markets, change land and water use, and possibly even release more...

How US Sanctions Will Crimp Russia’s Tech Sector

Last November, the tech giant Yandex unveiled Chervonenkis, Russia’s most powerful supercomputer and the 19th most powerful commercial computer on the planet. Chervonenkis, which Yandex uses to train artificial intelligence algorithms for applications like web search and translation, was...

A Year In, Biden’s China Policy Looks a Lot Like Trump’s

On December 10, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions, including a bar on American investments, on SenseTime, a Chinese artificial intelligence company accused of developing facial-recognition software used to target China’s predominantly Muslim Uyghur community. The move, part of...
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Ucraina, ultime notizie. Usa sequestrano 1 miliardo di dollari a oligarca russo

L’Aiea ha perso di nuovo il unitamentetatto unitamente la centrale nucleare di Zaporizhzhya. Nato: guerra potrebbe durare fino al 2023. Putin: nel caso che la Nato invierà truppe in Finlandia e Svezia risponderemo
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